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It's not about the building, it's about your business

Franchise Me Next is a premier franchise broker and consultant located in Phoenix, AZ and serving a range of clients looking for their perfect franchise. Whatever your business goals are, we are here to help you succeed If you are looking to expand regionally, domestically, or globally, Franchise Me Next has a program for you.

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Why Work With A Franchise Broker?


Franchise Me Next provides consulting/brokerage services that are completely free to you. If you have never evaluated a franchise company before, you will quickly see it can be an ominous task. It is easy to lose your objectivity without the guidance of an experienced person such as a franchise consultant who is not beholden to any one franchise company and seeks your best interest. Their consulting process creates a solid match between the various franchise companies that they recommend – and yourself.


Franchise consultants, because of their relationships with franchise companies, do everything in their power to make the entire setup process as simple as possible. They are well-informed on the finances of a business set-up as well as the process requirements for the many different franchises.


A franchise consultant is one of the most efficient ways for you to learn about the top franchises available today. The franchise consultant will listen to your needs, interests, and will counsel you on the essential topics, such as your financial situation, past work experience, and help you manage your expectations about running a franchise business. Your education, franchise availability, and your preparedness... are essential in creating a functional business plan!


A franchise consultant will guide you through a very thorough and proven process – designed to help you first assess and document your skills and goals — then to pre-qualify the types of business models you want to work with and match you to franchise businesses

It's not about the building, it's about your business

Franchise Consultation

Purchasing a franchise is a big-ticket item. But even if you aren’t able to pay for the franchise in cash, several financial assistance programs, including both traditional and non-traditional options, are available to those who qualify. Programs include grants, loans, financial aid, and even retirement rollovers — which offer a tax-free option on the purchase of your business. For a complete listing of lenders and programs, please contact us today.

Our database is filled with franchise systems that have proven to be successful. There is a franchise for every budget, some starting at as little as $30,000. The opportunities are endless. We will search for the right match for you.

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