The sky is the limit for Marketing Coordinator Shelby Lemmon. For now, though, her feet are squarely on the ground as she helps Franchise Me Next and Bryant Commercial Real Estate grow their brand across the West and Southwest.
Her duties include creating and scheduling content for BRCE’s social media networks, updating property listings, communicating company updates to external partners, completing files for new listings and closed deals, and monitoring the company’s online presence to promote positive brand awareness.

Shelby was born in Phoenix, raised in Carroll, Iowa, and resides in the Valley again. She holds a bachelor’s degree in event management from Iowa State University. She will earn a Master’s in higher and postsecondary education from Arizona State University in December.

Her favorite leisure activities include reading, playing video games, watching Netflix, hiking, and exploring Arizona. The personal accomplishment of which is she most proud is “completely switching career paths to one I’m truly passionate about, and pursuing a Master’s degree as part of this new career path.”

A professional accomplishment of which she is especially proud: “Coaching student leaders at ASU and supporting them in setting and achieving their goals. It makes me proud to see them grow and know that I played even a small part in their personal development.

What people don’t know about her: “I’m obsessed with ‘The Office’ and have watched the entire series probably six or seven times. Some days I’m a Pam, other days I’m a Kelly. But not a Toby – never a Toby.

The best business advice she has been given: “Listen to understand, not to respond. Put aside your ego and take a minute to really process somebody else’s idea – even if you are sure that yours is the very best.

The best advice Shelby has to offer: “If you’re not passionate about what you do, why are you doing it? Don’t just take a job for the money; find something you can walk away from at the end of the day, knowing that you made an impact; that you changed someone’s life for the better.

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